Saturday, 5 November 2011

Welcome To Frank!

Here's Frank and he arrived on Thursday, all the way from the USA. He came courtesy of a giveaway run on  the While She Naps blog and was actually made by Wendy Gratz whose blog is called Shiny Happy World.

I have followed While She Naps for quite a while now and love all the crafting ideas she shares on her blog. It was only because of her that I found Wendy Gratz's blog and it is fantastic! As a new follower, I am still looking round all the marvellous 'how-to' videos on her site, but if you have an hour or ten(!) to spare, be sure to go and have a look yourself!

But back to Frank! He is superb! He is so well made and has such a cute expression! Thank you so much to Abby for running the giveaway and to Wendy for making him and sending him all the way from the States. As I found out I had won him just at the point when John and I were about to leave out jobs because of redundancy, Frank is going to be our Good Luck mascot for our new life.

Now, any new entry to the household has to be approved by the cats!

Flossie is the first to inspect the new arrival, sitting in the box he arrived in. Although Frank is doing his best to look scary, Flossie is made of stern stuff.......

..... and doesn't think he's scary at all.

On the other hand, Minstrel gives Frank a thorough examination .....

But, if truth be known, what Minstrel really wants is the box!

There, that's better :)

You are going to have to work much harder at being scary Frank! I think Minstrel is doing a much better job ..... look at those eyes :)
Welcome to the Maul household Frank and thanks once again to Abby and Wendy :)


Linda Hicks said...

Mistral is a star, but so is Frank. Good documenting of the arrival!

Rachael said...

I spy your beautiful rug.
Cats just love boxes and anything that is really too small for them don't they?
Cute green man too.

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