Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Note to Self ... Don't Get Ill At Weekends!

Seriously .... just don't!

Paul had a scan on his neck on Monday but even my sister-in-law, after watching a few scans being done, could tell that the operator wasn't very experienced! He couldn't find the clot! Only muscle! And there's Paul with a swelling on one side of his neck and not looking particularly muscley elsewhere!

The Consultant wasn't happy with the result and said he'd put a call out for a more experienced person to do one on Tuesday. However ...... oh yes ...... Tuesday was the 1st January and a Bank Holiday ....... and they couldn't find anyone! They do admit that Paul's situation is very much 'of concern' but they couldn't find anyone ....... and I thought hospitals were supposed to staff themselves regardless of weekends and Bank holidays? Clearly not!

So, you have been warned. Just make sure you can plan any major A & E situations for Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm! OK?

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