Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cross Stitch Rug Progress - July Holiday

OK ..... big alert! Here comes a very unflattering photo of me!

However, by having me in the photo, I think it gives a better idea of the size of this rug! I deliberately took it on 3rd July, the first day of our holiday, as a record so I could see how much I managed to get done whilst we were away.

And here's a closer one on the same day ......

When we are on holiday, I always manage to get lots of sewing done. Here's my progress by the time we came home on 17th July.

There is still a chunk to do, but I am getting there :)

1 comment:

RosyTint said...

I'm so glad you stood next to the rug as I really did need to see the size comparison. You do have to have a lot of patience to finish off all your projects....well, that said, don't we all? Stick with it as it's looking lovely.

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