Monday, 26 July 2010

Midnight In Winter

My thanks go to RosyTint for suggesting on another post that I try photographing the picture by laying it on the floor. That suggestion works a treat!

So ..... here is probably the picture I am most proud of! It certainly took a long time to do. I think I started it in 1984 and I finished it towards the end of 1991. However, I wasn't doing it solidly during this time! Being entirely made up of different shades of blue or white, I got fed up with it a few times and did other things!

Still ...... a chunk just underneath the left-most sheep was done whilst I was in the early stages of labour when my son was born in November 1990 ....... although I can't detect any tension changes in the stitches in that bit :)


RosyTint said...

I have never done an embroidery in just a few tones like this and I think I must! This picture has such 'atmosphere' to it. The clouds, the tree shadow, the snow, the edge of the's beautiful. Nice job Elaine!!
(Glad my tip worked too)

Elaine said...

Thank you Rachael. It was the atmosphere in this picture that originally attracted it to me.

Just having tones of one colour does produce a marvellous effect, but it was whilst doing this that I realised the importance of lighting!

Under ordinary room lighting, the blues could do funny things to your eyes! I invested in a day-light bulb in a bendy light fitting that I could direct exactly where I wanted and this improved things wonderfully. I've always used a day light bulb for indoor sewing since then.

NCPat said...

Oooh, that is lovely! My niece would love it as well! I bought my sheep canvas on ebay a long while ago and then found the Needlepoint Now where Susan Portra had worked it. I am following her instructions for how she had worked hers. I will be working that piece again tonight. Thanks for following the blog!!

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