Saturday, 11 September 2010

Great Dorset Steam Fair

The main reason we had a long weekend break was so we could go to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. This really is a 'Great' event and if you have never been and get the chance to go, then you really must!!

It's not just for anorak types that like steam engines, believe me :)

It has just about anything and everything involved with rural life and by-gone times. The above photo shows one of the main lines of steam engines, many of which are used to power the fun-fair rides.

A crafty photo that John took! The chaps (and it is mostly chaps ...... although I did spot one or two ladies in oily overalls) who have renovated their steam engines and lovingly look after them are amazing people! Next to the engines, many of them have photos and information about how they went about transforming their engine from a derelict item to the wonderful engine on display. Possibly they might be considered eccentric! However, I like to think that eccentricity is a great British tradition and, in any case, although I know nothing about engineering, I greatly admire what they have managed to do.

There are lots of other things on display at the fair: old vintage cars, restored military vehicles, collections of all sorts of things. There's a craft marquee and a food marquee. Also, several marquees with different types of live music. Not forgetting real ale!

The Fair is always on from Wednesday to Sunday following the August Bank Holiday but Saturday is the day I always like as there are lots of horse events in one of the arenas.

I just love seeing all the beautiful horses.

Not forgetting the fun fair which looks brilliant at night-time. I just love this photo that John took, deliberately contrasting the whir of the Galloper ride with the stillness of the couple that luckily stood still whilst he took the photo.

I've barely described a fraction of the things at the Fair. We had a great day. If you've never been but get a chance to do so ........ go!!


Rachael said...

We don't live that far from where it's held but as DH is unemployed we didn't wish to pay £16.00 each to get in this year although it IS worth the money. Love the photos Elaine.

Elaine said...

Hi Rachael,
I do so hope that things pick up for DH.

The job situation is a real worry at the moment and I really do feel for anyone looking for work.

The photos are entirely my John's and he deserves full credit for them. He also is a whiz with Photoshop and I get him to do all sorts of things for me :)

He actually posts a lot of his photographs on a photography blog with the URL of

His user name is headbangermaul ..... don't ask! The nutty sense of humour is contagious in our house :)

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