Monday, 6 September 2010

Stitching in Public Day - 3rd September 2010


Another website I found via the Needlework News at Craft Gossip is Mr X-Stitch. His blog definately shows that cross-stitchers are anything but the staid bodies people normally assume :)

One of his posts last week alerted me to the fact that Friday was Stitch In Public day. Since we were going to be away in Dorset for a long weekend, I thought I'd do my best to take part! So, here I am stitching at the Tropical Gardens in Abbotsbury, Dorset. The copy of The Times was supposed to prove it actually was taken on Friday 3rd, although you can't see the date so perhaps it doesn't prove anything :)

Just before visiting here, we visited the Abbotsbury Swannery and it did cross my mind to try stitching there. It might have looked good stitching with hundreds of swans in the background. However, it was far too windy (as I think my hair shows)! Stitching would have been impossible!

What am I stitching? Well, it is a little lavender sachet cross stitch kit that I bought at Norwich cathedral when we visited there on our anniversary last April. I like to have a small item in my bag for odd moments and the design appealed to me. I only started it the evening before.


Rachael said...

How organised of you Elaine!( Nice photo.)

Elaine said...

Not really :)

We were away from Thursday through to Sunday and I knew I wouldn't want to spend all free moments reading. Couldn't exactly take the rug ..... !!

Taking part in the stitching in public seemed a good idea. Mind you, nothing special really about where the photo was taken. Some other people's were far more interesting :)

Elaine said...

If I get a moment tonight, I hope to post some of John's photos from the Dorset Great Steam Fair from the Saturday. Now that really was a great day out.

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