Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Short Walk? Perhaps Not!

Last Friday evening, we went out for a curry to celebrate a friend's Birthday. We didn't get home and to bed until 1.30am on Saturday morning.

Now ..... I really don't 'Do' late nights any more :)
So, such a late night was only possible because of a little 2 hour sleep as soon as we got home from work!

Was getting up early on Saturday to go walking a possibility? 'No' is the short answer! I did leave my alarm on for 6.30am but getting up then just wasn't what my system wanted to do. Still, we did get up at 8am and thought we'd do a smaller walk .... or at least that's what John said!!

We left home at 9.40am and walked west from our house to join the New River at Cheshunt and then followed the New River north to Broxbourne. The path alongside the New River was very muddy so we made quite slow progress. At Broxbourne, we then followed the signs to the Lea Valley and joined the Lea at Dobbs Weir, where we've been before. We then walked south along the Lea and got back home by 2.10pm. Not quite the short walk I thought we were doing!

I checked on the map ..... we'd walked 11 miles! I think I need to quiz John a little more vigorously when he says 'short walk' :)

Still, I'm not really having a go at John! Despite the muddy conditions, it was a nice day for walking and I am getting so I miss walking if we don't go out!

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