Wednesday, 10 November 2010

These Boots Aren't Made For Walking!

To pinch (almost!) some of Nancy Sinatra's song :)
My boots proved to be a pain, quite literally!

I'm rather late reporting on this particular training walk which was on Saturday 30th October. We started a little later than planned; about 8.50 aiming to walk between Cheshunt and Sawbridgeworth. A distance of approximately 14 miles. Here's the first lock on the route that hasn't been photographed before; Feakes Lock along the river Stort.

Here I am at Sheering Mill Lock. Although I look like I'm smiling ...... it's a grimace really! The skin covering the blisters I developed under my heels in the first week of our training walks came off during the previous week. So, new ones developed during this training walk ...... and boy did they hurt!
Even so, we got to Sawbridgeworth by 13.20 which was pretty good going. We are averaging 3 miles an hour. However, I was certainly not doing that by the end, so I can only think we are walking much faster at the beginning. Also, despite the blister problem, we both felt really strong by the end of this walk, so the training is paying dividends! Mind you, I still find myself thinking that we've 'only' done 14 miles ...... primarily because we need to be strong enough to do 42!.
Still, it was also a glorious day for walking and I'm beginning to find it really addictive.
However ....... sorting out something with my boots is now a priority!!

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