Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Do Blog Entries Really Need Photos?

I always feel like I'm 'cheating' if a blog entry doesn't have a photo, especially looking at the fantastic photos that appear so regularly on the miriad blogs I follow.

However, are photos really always necessary?

I have just stumbled on a blog called My Own Circle of Confusion and it really breaks what I had almost come to see as an unwritten rule that you must have photos. I have only just started to look round her blog but, as yet, I haven't found any photos in her entries. However, to be honest, she doesn't need them! I just love her original style of writing, especially her musings on goings on in her family.

That's not to say she doesn't have any photos .... she does! But they are in separate blog entries entirely. If you have a spare moment (or ten), it's a blog worth visiting.


M&Co. said...

Thank you for the kind comments about my blog! I did have to laugh though. The reason I don't have more photos on my blog, is that flickr changed something and I can't figure out how to do them anymore! I'm glad you like it, though!

Jean said...

I found your blog through Joy Shallcross and I am glad I did. I am now inspired to go back to my cross stitch and make a stocking for my son for next year.
In answer to your question, I also like pictures in a blog.

Elaine said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you for your kind comment. I say 'Go For It' ..... He'll probably love it. This was the first Christmas I made things for people and I got quite a buzz seeing their reaction. (James was too young to really pay much attention when I made the stocking for him).

I also have a few things around my house that my Mum made for me and I really treasure them, knowing how much work was involved.

Like you, I do like seeing photos .... but I still love the writing on My Own Circle of Confusion.

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