Monday, 20 December 2010

Time, Time ..... Need More Time!

I do so admire people who seem to keep down a job, make loads of things .... and still find time to take photos and add blog entries almost every day! I take my hat off to them ..... or perhaps not in the current snowy weather :)

I actually have lots of things to report on, but processing the photos and actually creating the blog entries seems to elude me! As it is, I'm quickly typing this in a 'lull' period at work, hence the lack of photos!

What's there to report on? Well, there's a very cold training walk from a couple of weeks ago; about 14 miles and I dread to think what the temperature was. On the 'making' front, I've finished making the external hard drive pouch for James .... and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. I've completed the little cross-stitch sachet I started as a fill-in project back in July. I've personalised it by adding a cross-stitch message for my Mum as it's going to be a little extra present for her. I've made an extra Christmas decoration based on an example from Betz White, using the felt I bought from Blooming Felt recently.

Not forgetting getting all the Christmas presents! Oh ...... and John decided as a last minute thing to turn one of his photos into a Christmas card.

So, very busy all round :)

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