Monday, 4 April 2011

I've Won A Giveaway!

I am so amazed!

Today I received an email from Joy from Joyknitt to say that I was the winner for her recent giveaway that she ran to celebrate reaching 100 followers.

You can see what's included here. It's a very generous giveaway and I will look forward to the postman's arrival.

Although I have entered a few giveaways since starting my blog last year, this is the first time I have won .... hence my amazement!

The wool looks particularly interesting. Although I haven't blogged about it, I recently started a 'sitting in bed' project of a crocheted shawl using a pattern from my Mum's Woman's Weekly. Had I used the wool the magazine recommended, it would have cost about £30-40 so I bought some cheap yarn from Lidl and have been using that. It's not really suitable but this wool from Joy's Giveaway looks like it might be ideal!

Thank you again Joy for running such a generous Giveaway.



joy said...

I hope you like the items in the giveaway, however, I'm not sure that the yarn will be suitable for crochet. Its all packed and will go in the post today.
joy xx
p.s. I wouldn't say I'm a geek, but both Rog and myself were good at maths at school, he got a degree in maths and computing and is now a (retired) software engineer, I just got O level maths (at Chingford County High School), but I still take great pleasure in working out how much money I have to pay for something and having the correct money in my hand while cashiers tot up my purchases on their tills!

Elaine said...

Hi Joy,
I'm sure I will love it :)

When I noticed the crochet pattern in my Mum's magazine, I thought the shawl looked quite cute. It really aught to have yarn that is quite feathery and 'woolly' ..... I can't off hand remember the name of the yarn but the magazine always gives the price of the yarn and it was expensive.

I noticed some cotton yarn at Lidl that was only a couple of pounds and I just wondered how the pattern would make up using that. It really isn't suitable but it has been interesting following the pattern. John has commented that it looks like I'm making a fishing net!! I haven't crocheted in years but it is quite nice to do. I guess the wool in the giveaway can't be as unsuitable as the yarn I'm using :)

Crikey .... Chingford County High School must only be down the road from where we lived in Edmonton. LOL re beating the machines .... that is a good feeling, isn't it :)

I guess I used to be a software engineer, although I just called myself a computer programmer. I didn't get a degree at the usual time, going straight from A Levels to a trainee programmer job in 1977. I loved it! Caught up with the degree musch later by studying with the Open University, graduating at the end of 2005. I predominantly did maths and computing courses.

MSWLogo I LOVE playing with! And I really loved doing things with it with the kids at school.

I have found websites that give the actual equations for the Spirograph patterns and it would be a real challenge to get MSWLogo to produce those. I'm not actually sure how you'd do those if I'm honest. The patterns I've started playing with just involve simple shapes, coupled with small turns before repeating the shapes.

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