Monday, 4 April 2011

Spirograph Patterns

This blog post is a test on my part! I am in the process of re-aquainting myself with producing Spirograph type patterns using a free program called MSWLogo. My initial influence for trying this out was seeing the fantastic pattern embroideries produced by Ruth O'Leary. You can see an example of this type of work here.

My interest was then further stimulated by an entry in the smallest forest blog. Natalie, the owner of this blog, was given a Spirograph set as a Valentine's present. They get sold on ebay as 'vintage' toys ..... and I had one the first time round :) They can be tricky to use, mind you! However, you can see on Natalie's blog that, having drawn a shape, she then embroidered it and it looks really good.

I rather like the idea of producing Spirograph type patterns and then embroidering them. And producing the patterns themselves appeals to the part of my brain that loves maths and programming. You see ...... I do have to confess ..... although I like embroidery, I am a bit of a geek at heart and mathematics and programming are close to my heart.

I first got to know the MSWLogo program when I worked in a Primary school. I was the IT Technician until 2005 and in those days, producing patterns using MSWLogo was part of the Year 5 curriculum. Things change so frequently in UK schools that this may no longer be the case, but I did enjoy teaching the children (and the teachers!) about MSWLogo and a lot of the children really got into experimenting and produced fantastic patterns. The bit I'm uncertain about is how successfully I can produce patterns that could then work as embroidery patterns. You see, if you zoom into the pattern above, there is a bit of 'dither' around the lines so I'll have to investigate the manipulation of the images produced.

Of course, I mentioned the dreaded word 'maths' ...... which makes quite a few shudder :)

However, if I can manage to tempt someone to have a go, it will be worth the effort!

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