Friday, 1 July 2011

More Oxford Canal Walking .... Back in June!!

I've just realised that I started this post back in June but never got round to completing it and posting it!! Oops!! Better do so now (4th October!!!).

So ..... way back in June, we had a lovely weekend over the 25th - 26th June at our friends' house in Bicester in Oxford. Possibly inspired(?) by our crazy training walks, they too have been increasing the amount of walking they've been doing, so on Saturday we set off from the Trout Pub in Lower Wolvercote in Oxfordshire to walk along the Oxford Canal. We didn't acutally go in this pub although we have before and they serve very good food if anyone is ever down that way. Before reaching the canal, we found this lovely pair of swans with their cygnets.

I just about managed to capture one of the adults preening.

Saturday's weather was just right for walking, neither too hot nor too cold. It seemed strange to think that we were walking along the same canal we'd walked along when staying in Coventry the previous week. Still, this end of the Oxford Canal is equally picuresque, indeed the canal is very well maintained and it is very popular with canal boats.

We walked into the centre of Oxford and, after lunch in a Wetherspoon's pub, walked through to the river Thames to walk back to where we started. At one point on the river, there was a huge gaggle of geese .... I'm pretty sure these are Brent Geese but I'm not entirely sure. We couldn't work out what was attracting such a huge group of these geese but they did look an impressive sight.

On the way back, we stopped at a lovely pub called the Perch for a drink. Do we detect a 'fishy' trend here in pub names? They wer serving lovely BBQ food in the garden, so that also looks like a pub worth visiting again!

In total, we walked 10.2 miles which was the furthest our friends have ever done. We were walking for 3hrs 45 mins at an yaverage sped of 2.7mph. A very nice day's walking.

On the Sunday, the weather was scorching hot! Although we wanted to go out for a little walk, we decided that it would be best not to go too far. So, we started at a very pretty little village called Tackley which is just north of Kidlington and walked from there to the Oxford Canal (again!).

I have no idea what this delicate, pinky coloured flower is called but it was growing very profusely along the canal edge.

Finally, here's John and I enjoying the sunshine :)

June seems so long ago ....... but we had a great weekend.

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