Saturday, 2 July 2011

My 2nd Ginger Skirt ..... Or Is It Curtains?

Another post that I started back in July but didn't get round to posting!! Oops again!

Still ..... aught to record my second Ginger skirt even if it did take until 4th October to actually finish the post!!

My son, bless him, on seeing this skirt said 'Didn't we used to have curtains like that once Mum?'. You could go off him, couldn't you :) However, subconsciously, this comment may have had an effect as I haven't really worn this one! Mind you, although I do like the print, it is a bit difficult to find a suitable top to go with it. I'm possibly a bit too old for a bright yellow t-shirt? But I haven't been able to find a t-shirt in either the pale or dark brown you can also see in the print.

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