Friday, 13 January 2012

New Year and Change Is Afoot!

Mind you, 2011 was a year of quite a few changes. Primarily, my Dad passed away so that, along with coping with the emotional impact of his loss, I now don't have the three trips each week up to his care home. Also, at the end of October, both John and I were made redundant. We initially spent time redecorating our kitchen and utility room, stopping in the run up to James' 21st Birthday and Christmas as we didn't think we'd get the living room (the next on the list!) done in time. I have got a new but very spare time, working from home job but we're still adjusting to life not working.

2012 promises to bring an equal number of changes. Firstly, we are now empty-nesters as, on 3rd January, James and his girlfriend moved into a flat together. It's still a bit odd not having him around! Still .... they haven't gone far and we see them a couple of times each week.

I was going to say that I'd made a New Year's resolution to blog more regularly but you can see I've already not been keeping that one! My 'excuse' is a terrible cold that started before Christmas and is still with me in the shape of catarrh causing me to feel terrible and not feel like doing very much. However, whilst true, another reason has been wondering whether there's any real point in keeping a blog! The jury is still out on that one!

Still, as you can see from the picture, I have also decided to sign-up for the Felt Fairy's a Monthly Make for 2012 as an encouragement to actually make something every month. Usually, my projects tend to be ones that takes months to do, so I will be trying to ensure I also do something simpler!

And .... yet again! ..... the eternal diet! Perhaps I shouldn't say it like that as being negative means probable failure! I'm inspired by the Felt Fairy's similar quest ..... although my slogan aught to be 'Fat Free By Fifty Three'! Still, we've been out for several long walks already this year and I've already lost 4lbs.

Onwards and upwards! Let the New Year commence :)


joy said...

Please dont give up the day-blog, Elaine, I love reading about all your various walks, makes, family things etc. Its something you can pop into and out of whenever you feel like it, no-one says how often you have to post, its entirely down to you, but I shall miss you if you go.

joy said...

p.s. if you feel you want to pick up some more follows, just pop around and follow other people, quite a few of them will generally follow you back, and I can give you a little bit of publicity on mine if you like.

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