Friday, 20 January 2012

Under The Weather

No ... not Flossie but me! I've just used a photo of her from last year as having the cats around can help to raise my spirits! Firstly, I must say a very big 'Thank You' to Joy for her comment on my blog the other day in her efforts to make me feel better. I was particularly down in the dumps that day and I sounded it! .....

Firstly, the cold that started in the week before Christmas and turned into severe catarrh by Christmas day was still with me and, indeed, it still is today having added the insult of a lovely cold sore on my lip just to really top things off! I've never had a cold and catarrh hang on for quite so long, especially with it being so severe that it's affected my hearing on and off over the time since Christmas. It's really making me feel energyless and everything is such an effort! Including doing anything with the blog!

Secondly, I program my iPAQ to give me early warning when people's Birthdays are due and last week it reminded me that my Dad's Birthday would have been today, 20th January. This has made me feel an odd mixture of emotions. It set me to thinking about Dad's 80th Birthday last year when he was very confused and didn't really understand what was going on. I had to help him open his cards and he didn't really even comprehend what a card was as, once opened, he just wanted to give it back to me. I feel sad that he's not here and also well on his Birthday. However, I'm sitting here at the moment burning a blue and white candle that John made especially (Dad was a fervent Spurs supporter) and sending up a prayer in his memory; he's in a better place now.

I think that calls for another cat picture to try and raise my spirits :)

Minstrel looking slightly scruffy from last year :) If you look closely, he has bits of garden debris on his fur as he is a real boy, loving to roll around in the dust in the garden.

There! Perhaps just a little bit better :)

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