Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Monthly Make Challenge Hang In There Cross Stitch for March

Well, I failed dismally to do a 'make' for February. In fact, February was a 'just about hanging in there' month all round with me not feeling bothered to do anything much, including making blog entries! I have not been at all well with chronic catarrh and the odd cold sore thrown in for good measure! Despite a visit to the doctor two weeks ago and some penicillin in case of a sinus infection, I'm still not much better. I went back to the doctor yesterday but he said that, basically, I've just been unlucky to have had several viruses one after the other and I have to just sit it out!

So ..... I was aiming to make this little cross stitch picture my February 'make' ...  and I did almost make it .... but not quite! So, it's a March 'make' instead!

It is a little kit I bought about two years ago; the little kitten just screamed out 'buy me' :)

It is only 13cm x 18cm on pale blue Aida. I started it last year in the week we were sitting with Dad during his last illness and I had just put it to one side since then.

On the 6th February, this is what it looked like .... not much done at all :)

But today, I put the finishing stitches in. In the picture below, I used flash to take the photo. Possibly, the one without flash at the top shows the stitching detail a bit better?
Still, it is quite cute :)
I am now not sure what to do with it! I could frame it as a picture? Or perhaps make it the centre section for a cushion (not that we're really 'cushion' people!)?

Any ideas?


Rachael said...

No ideas yet Elaine but I like the embroidery; it's a sweet little design.

Cat said...

Hi Elaine, thank you for visiting me today and leaving a comment. Thought I'd pop over to see your blog and meet Flossie and Minstrel; what beautiful cats. I love the Christmas decorations you made in their likeness last year...just fantastic!!!

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