Monday, 2 April 2012

Monthly Make for April No 1

Really this is cheating! It should have been in the Monthly makes for March since, as you can see, it is a Mother's Day card I made for my Mum for 18th March.

However, I do have an excuse! The fact that I have continued to not feel very well means that I have just not been interested in taking photos and manipulating the images or putting together blog posts! In fact, a trip back to the doctor's last Friday has confirmed a bad sinus infection. I am SO hoping that the penicillin he has now given me will do the trick!

Anyhow ..... this little card! It has a history! My late Mother-in-law, Rose, used to buy a variety of  cross stitch and needlework magazines, quite a few of which are no longer produced. A number of them always had a 'cover kit' that was usually a small project of some sort. Rose never ever wanted to do these and she'd give them to me. I rarely did any of them straight away (if at all!) but could never bear to throw them away. During my craft clear out just recently, I sorted through them all and found this one and thought it would make a nice Mother's day card for my Mum.

The cover kit came from a magazine called 'Needlework' and was from the March 1995 edition!! It's actually quite small, being sewn on 18 count Aida, measuring only 4" x 3 1/4" (10 x 8 cm) and a very simple design that I finished over a couple of evenings. Still, I think it looks quite cute and my Mum always appreciates if something is made for her :)

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