Friday, 18 June 2010

Did I Mention I Love Cats?

I think I did!

This gives you a better look at the two cats in my life. Flossie is the tortie on the left and Minstrel is the black and white on the right.

They are brother and sister and are long haired and are four years old. They are also the nicest natured cats I have ever known.

Flossie is the chatty one. Her little 'chirrups' and miaows are such that you can almost have conversations with her. Whilst Minstrel is the quiet, silent type. Most of the time they get on together, as you can see here, but from time to time they do have the odd fall out!
They always follow me about, so I am sure that if I were alive in the 15th century, I'd be branded as a witch!!


Dinah said...

They are both adorable !

Elaine said...

Thank you Dinah. I can't do anything but agree with you :)

I can see from your picture that you are also a cat lover?

Dinah said...

Oh Yes - I am a cat lover ! The cat in the picture is my little old man Dizzy. He was my best friend for twenty years but sadly passed away four years ago. I have two girls , sisters Poppy & Daisy who are fourteen and very good company.

Elaine said...

Ahh, he was a handsome chap! Our previous cat, Bella, also passed away almost 4 years ago. She was 18 years old and another mummy's girl :)

However, I'm glad you have two others to keep you company, although a much loved cat leaves a huge hole when they pass away.

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