Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Maul Cousin Reunion - Saturday 26th June

In the early hours of Boxing Day 2009, John's Mum, Rose Mary Maul passed away unexpectedly. She was the last of the generation of 'Maul' brothers and sisters and their spouses, so it was very much the end of an era.

She was a grand lady and I have never been able to call her my 'Mother-in-Law' because the phrase conjures up the dreadful harridans in Mother-In-Law jokes and she was never like that. Indeed, she is very much missed. Her funeral was on 7th January 2010, but the weather here was so bad that several of her nieces and nephews couldn't get to it, which was a shame.

Nevertheless, one of John's cousins decided that, all too often, the only time families get together is for funerals ...... so back in January she fixed a day for a 'Maul Cousin' Get Together and it took place last weekend, on Saturday 26th June.

It was great! The sun shone. Christine, John's cousin, laid on a fantastic BBQ and we all shared photos of the 'Mauls', both the generation that has now gone and also the new additions that some of us knew little about! Indeed, several cousins hadn't seen one another for over 20 years! One didn't even know of the existence of our 19 year old son, James!

I had very hurridly tried to put together all my 'Maul' family tree research into a Word document. I didn't quite finish it, but was able to share what I had managed to get together plus we all exchanged email addresses so we can keep one-another posted on any extras.

It was a fantastic day and we've agreed to repeat it every year! Next year, it will be at my Sister-in-Law Lynne's house..... date to be fixed soon :)

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