Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Why Start A Blog?

Why indeed!

Having worked in IT for such a long time, I had obviously heard of blogs but to be honest ...... why would anyone want to read what I might want to say? So I have never bothered!

However, in January 2010, the vicar for my church went on a three month sabattical during which he went on a long Pilgrimmage across Scotland. Every evening he would post a blog on his day and it was fascinating! He called it A Pilgrim's Cairn and it can still be read, although he stopped updating it once the Pilgrimmage was finished.

Moreover ...... I discovered the ubiquitous 'Next Blog' and by using this, I quickly found a whole wealth of creative people in the crafting world and so many fantastic blogs with beautiful photos of embroidery and other crafts.

And then ...... I quickly found that you can look at any given blog's Followers and see the blogs they follow ..... and find even more inspiring blogs!

So, since then I've been a (primarily) craft-blog lurker and comment poster when the mood takes me! However, I think it's about time I took the plunge as I have been a needlepointer and cross-stitcher since my teens and, looking round my house, I realise there are lots of items I've made that I would like to record.

These blogs have also inspired me to feel the itch to branch out into freestyle embroidery and this will be a good way of recording how I get on.

I may also record my creative endeavours in the world of web development, as I look after the website for my church as a novice I might add! Not forgetting my huband John's love of candlemaking and photography.

And no photos! Must rectify that in subsequent posts :)


RosyTint said...

I hope you find time and still have the passion to try freestyle embroidery as I'd like to read all about it here.

Elaine said...

Hi, yes I still want to branch out but MUST get this blessed cross-stitch rug finished first :)

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