Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A Labour of Love

Although this could do with some pressing to truely look its best, having re-found it last Friday when having a sort out, I thought I would share it as it is a poignant week to do so.

You see, this lovely quilt was made by my late Mother in Law, Rose Mary Maul, who passed away in the early hours of last Boxing Day 2009. Over the last few days, we have been finishing the clearing of her flat as the sale of her flat completes this Thursday. Clearing her flat has been sad. We almost don't want to do it as, clearing all trace of her home seems almost like clearing her and her memory away.

However, finding this quilt when I was sorting out one of my own cupboards last Friday reminds me that she left lots of special things for us to remember her by.

This quilt also has an interesting story. Rose was plagued by very bad arthritis but when I first knew her she still loved knitting and making things. In the 1980s, cross stitch became very popular and she took up the new hobby with relish. However, her arthritis could make holding an embroidery hoop difficult and if the pain was bad, she couldn't stitch.

When John and I announced at the beginning of 1990 that we were expecting our first child and her third grandchild, it coincided with the publication of these patterns in a cross stitch magazine she used to have which also suggested making them all up into a quilt. She decided that, come Hell or High Water ...... she was going to make that quilt for the new baby!

Now ..... was nine months enough time to do something like this? Maybe! But factor in her bad arthritis and this was a challenge. She often carried on stitching even though her hands were hurting and when she would otherwise have stopped. She didn't dare risk not completing it.

And finish it she did! It was quite the loveliest present we received when James was born and it was always used in his cot. She also managed to keep it a secret that she was making it during my pregnancy, so it really was a fantastic surprise.

I cherish having this lovely quilt. It was a true Labour Of Love and speaks volumes for her determination and strength of character.

RIP Rose xxxx


RosyTint said...

Amazing to think that someone with such painful joints could do such a lovely job of sewing this quilt. It really must have been such a wonderful present and surprise. I bet she was proud of her needlework and proud of the fact that her Grandchild made good use of it too, thanks for showing us it.

Elaine said...

Hi Rachael,
Yes, it was an amazing gift, especially given her arthritis, and a total surprise.

It has obviously been tucked away in a part of my wardrobe for ages (after all ..... James is 19 now).

It must have been fate that led me to 'finding' it on Friday. A bit of a 'lump in the throat' moment.

Just seemed right to share it here and thank you for showing your appreciation :)

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