Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Who is this Girl with Umbrella?

Here is another embroidery showing that my sewing 'life' started with free-style embroidery rather than needlepoint or cross stitch.

Again, I'm pretty sure I did this in my early teens. Mind you, having thought about it, I think I may have done this one before the Hummel 'Hiker'.

However, I can't remember who produced this kit or what it was called. Has anyone seen it anywhere as I would love to know!

By a strange twist of fate, I have found one image of it on another website. We have just come back from our holiday in Norfolk and, whilst away, we found a fabulous needlework shop in Norwich called The Work Box. I spent far more than was good for me in there :)

Once home, I obviously had to search out their website and, much to my surprise, on one of the pages you can see a picture of a pink version of this little girl!

I have contacted the shop to see if they have a record of what it is and they say they will try to find out...... although, I guess if the picture was taken a long time ago, they may not be able to. It would be interesting to see if it is one of a series.

Still, I do remember that I loved working this design although I did have a little difficulty with the satin stitch on the umbrella in one area. Again I didn't like the frame, so she's been hidden away in a cupboard with the Hummel 'Hiker'.

Shall I frame them again? Or what else could I do with them?

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RosyTint said...

I really like this picture...possibly because of the little dog : ) Your sewing is lovely and I think you should take it along to a framing shop and hold some mat and frame sections around it as you'll be surprised how a new frame can alter the appearance and give your work a new lease of life.It's far too pretty not to be on display.

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