Friday, 13 August 2010

You Want Cute Cats ..... ?

A friend's son just became the new slave for a kitten and, as a result, he posted a 'cute cat' video on You Tube. Not to be outdone, my son's response was ...... if you want cute cats ....... we have TWO cute cats, so there!

This video is the result! It was only taken on James' mobile phone and his camera technique might induce sea-sickness if you're that way inclined :)

However, I love it as it shows off Flossie's temperament perfectly! For any ladies who, like me, struggle to keep their weight in check, she is living proof that exercise is the key to slimness! She is always on the go! She eats far more than Minstrel, yet there is nothing of her.

Hope you enjoy this :)


RosyTint said...

Well Flossie is more of a dog the way she follows a person about....well cute and loving and Minstrel, how laid back is he sitting in the flower pot?LOL

Dinah said...

Lovely cats.
Flossie could do some of the dusting for you , with that amazing tail of hers !! Minstrel really loves that flowerpot and like most cats is very relaxed !!

Elaine said...

Hi Rachael,
Yes ..... Flossie hasn't read the 'How To Be A Cat' manual :) She does things entirely her own way!

And Hi Dinah,
If Flossie could talk, I dare say she'd say 'Moi .... Do manual work!! I don't think so'.

But you are both right about Minstrel. He is Mr Laid-Back personified :)

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