Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ginger Cup Cakes

For the Flower Festival, I made Ginger, Lemon and Chocolate Cup Cakes and, as I said before, John was most disappointed that he didn't get to sample one of the Ginger ones!

So, last Saturday, since he had to help me go done to the Church to collect all our trees and shrubs AND wait whilst our other flower contributors dismantled their displays AND help clear up afterwards AND I was then due to desert him in the evening as I was going out with some of the ladies from Church .... I thought I'd better made him some Ginger Cup Cakes just for him :)

Here is one of them! John took the photo.

Despite having millions of cookery books, I found the recipe after a quick search on the Internet. I liked the look of this recipe as it was geared to the English way of cooking, having the ingredients as weights rather than cups (just what sort of 'cup' are you supposed to use, I never can tell?). I also liked the fact that all the ingredients can just be plonked [technical term :) ] in the food processor and it's done!

I wanted to make more than the recipe says, so I multiplied the cup cake recipe itself up by 4. However, multiplying the butter cream topping by 4 seemed like an awfully large amount of butter cream, so I only multiplied that up by 3 and it was plenty!

Also, I wanted to decorate the top of the cup cakes with crystallised ginger but couldn't find any in my local shop. So ..... what I did was to slice up a piece of stem ginger into small(ish) pieces and roll the pieces around in some caster sugar ...... and voila ...... a nice decoration for the cakes. John especially approved as he loves ginger!

I'm now hoping that John and James eat them quickly as they are sorely tempting me and I'm still on a quest to lose some weight  ......... :)

By the way ..... when did Cup Cakes stop being Fairy Cakes and become Cup Cakes :P


joy said...

ooh, they sound delicious, I'm a ginger freak too, (as well as having a ginger husband and two ginger sons!).
surely you cant be overweight with all the walking you've been doing this year!
joy xx

Elaine said...


Yes, since I was Ginger, it just might be what John saw in me :)

I've used the past tense as the colour isn't there now. Shame! Hated being called Ginger when I was younger. You just get to the point where you think 'Hey, Ginger is OK' but .... you notice the colour has faded!!

Re the weight ..... sigh! How long have you got!! I have actually lost about 10lbs but, as I am only 5 ft 5 inches I aught to be at most 10 stone 7 lbs ..... and I'm not!

Could do with losing a further stone and a half I would think!! Trouble is, it comes off my top half and not the bum and thighs :(

Elaine said...

And PS .... they do taste nice :)

Can recommend the recipe.

Elaine said...

.... that's the Cup cakes ... not my bum and thighs :P

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