Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tentatively Carrying On!

Carrying on today (Saturday) with making up the toile, the instructions firstly say to attach the pieces of the waistband together, matching up the notches. However, the notches don't match up!! I double check the pattern pieces and I have done it correctly. Odd! Have the notches been put in the wrong places? Seems an odd mistake to make! So, I match up the pieces in the way that seems logical and sew them together.

You then have to sew together the two front pieces. Since it's a toile, I have the stitch length set to the highest length. It's been a long time since I have sewed such a long length, so I take it slowly! I then stitched the two back pieces to the front ..... so far, so good :)

I then pressed open all the seams and attached the waistband to the skirt. This went very well, although there was a little 'ease' to make allowances for. I only slightly misaligned one of the seams.

Then for the dreaded invisible zip! I'll be honest that initially I wasn't entirely sure how to do it! I had previously looked at a number of different websites but in the end, I used Sunni's instructions. I took a lot of care over it, treating it as a learning experience before doing it 'for real'. It came out quite well. I make a slight mistake over the section of the seam that goes from the end of the zip down to the bottom of the skirt and so had to improvise with a bit of hand stitching but I think I'll be able to rectify that when I come to do the real thing.

And here is the finished toile! In actual fact, for an old duvet cover, it doesn't look all that bad :)

Firstly, from the front:
Then from the back ...... the invisible zip looks pretty good even if I do say so!!

And finally from the side.

Initially, I thought that possibly the skirt was sitting too high. However, on reflection, I think it is more that I've got used to buying skirts of a size that fit my hips but then have a loose waist that sits low down. Basically, I can't recall the last time I actually had an A line skirt that fitted well!
So, onwards to the real thing :)

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