Saturday, 21 May 2011

More Gingeryness But Of A Sewing Kind!!

Floral Cotton Fabric for Ginger Sewalong

OK ..... it's black and white fabric, not Ginger at all :)

However, I've discovered a fantastic blog called A Fashionable Stitch, owned by someone called Sunni, and she is running a beginner's sewalong using a beginner pattern by Collette called Ginger.

I was first aware of this pattern a little while ago from the blog run by Gone To Earth that I follow but at the time, I wasn't sure about it. You see, I have wanted to get into making clothes for a very long time but it has always seemed so daunting!! I did make a skirt in the first (or was it the second?) year of secondary school which didn't turn out too badly but I haven't done any since ...... and that was a long time ago!!

However, as you can see from the starting post, Sunni is planning to hold our hands in a virtual sense and so far the posts have been fascinating, from the history of the A-line skirt, to choosing fabric and a whole host of other things.

Although I have ordered the pattern and some fabric from Gone To Earth, I only did this yesterday as I was dithering about whether to take the plunge or not!! So ..... having decided yesterday that I really should go for it ..... I'm committed now :)

Also, I knew I didn't have an invisible zipper foot so yesterday, after work, I whizzed down to Rona sewing machine shop at Waltham Cross to see if they had an invisible zipper foot. This shop is a lovely shop! It is where I took both my and my Mum's sewing machines for repair/service last year. It was no surprise to find that they came up trumps!!

On the left is the zipper foot that came with my machine and on the right is the invisible zipper foot. It has two little notches on the underside and I'm intrigued to know how it works!

Whilst in there, I also bought the black and white floral fabric, the invisible zip and the thread. OK ..... yes, I know ...... I ordered fabric from Gone To Earth ...... but I liked the look of this fabric and I fully intend to make more than one :)

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Tilly said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about making a dress form. Yes, wear your normal underwear, whatever you'd wear under the clothes you want to fit on the dress form. Let me know if you make one!

Good luck with Sunni's sewalong. I'm sure it'll be great fun - sewing clothes is sooooo satisfying...

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