Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Did I really say The Rug was finished?

OK, I lied before!
It isn't quite finished and won't be for a bit!! We've had a very busy time over the last few weeks but three Saturdays ago, I sewed back the edge of the canvas as you can see. It took a bit longer than I anticipated and I still have yet to do the fringe!

The cats seem to approve :)

However, I dare not leave them in the same room as The Rug without one of us being there! Minstrel has already looked as though he was about to sharpen his claws on it! Argh!!


joy said...

Its looking really good Elaine, well done, hope the cats manage to share it nicely, rather than fight over it.
Joy xx

Elaine said...

Thank you Joy.

I'm really pleased with it. I have done almost all of one edge of the fringe; shame I'm unlikely to finish it before we go on holiday this Saturday.

Still ..... I have decided that it WILL go on the floor, but in one of our upstairs bedrooms (where these photos were actually taken) that we call 'The Music Room'.

Whilst this sounds very grand and conjures up an image of a Grand Piano and such like, the room actually houses all of John's Hi-Fi equipment and huge speakers. We tend to use it as a second sitting room and listen to music there. The most important point, as far as The Rug is concerned, is that it is out of bounds with the door closed unless we're actually sitting in it.

We decided to do this when we bought the sofa bed that is in there. It is made of a material that we're sure would scream out 'I Am A Big Scratching Post' to our cats :)

That way I can make sure they don't use The Rug in a similar fashion and also, hopefully The Rug will stay looking pale coloured and not dirty for as long as possible :)

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