Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Rug - Gone As Far As I Can!

Well, what with the 42 mile sponsored walk, the Flower Festival and following along with the Ginger sewalong, you' d be forgiven for thinking that The Rug has been forgotten! Not so!

I've been continuing to stitch away at it and last night, I completed everything I can at the moment. I say 'everything I can at the moment' because I previously blogged about the fact that I have run out of the pale green wool, so there are bits that I can't finish.

In the bottom left hand corner, there is a little bit on the diagonal stripe.

In the middle section, more green is needed for a diagonal stripe and the stem of a flower.

On the right hand side, some green is needed in two diagonal stripes plus a leaf and a stem and a tiny bit in the border right down on the bottom..

I haven't run out of any other colour, thankfully, although the cream was very close with only a length of wool of about 12 inches being left ..... a definite close call!!

Trying to get more green wool is going to be a challenge. However, I will try phoning Glorafilia tomorrow to see if they can help. However, this might be tricky sourcing wool for a kit that is at least 20 to 25 years old that they no longer make :(

Does anyone in blogland know of any wool matching services?

As an update on Tuesday 7th June, I did indeed phone Glorafilia yesterday (Monday) and spoke to a very lovely lady. My enquiry wasn't at all odd; they get requests for extra wool all the time along the lines of 'My Mum passed away and I found this half-done kit and wanted to carry on but have run out of wool ... can you help'! Back in the days when I bought the kit, the Glorafilia name was run by another company and apparently they out-sourced the production of several of their kits and not having enough wool was apparently a common problem! Phew! Not just me then!

Matching the wool might be difficult as the wool is rug wool in balls (which is unusual) but only 4 ply (it's usually 6 ply), but she did recommend a company called Iriss in Penzance. However, having a blog came in very handy! I pointed her to this entry and, having looked at the pictures, she thought she might have a bag of similarly coloured wools (might even be for this kit). After a quick look, she found it and she'll be sending the green wool in it to me! The other shades in the bag roughly match with the wools in my kit, so it may just be the wool for this kit! What luck and how's that for great Customer Service. If it doesn't match, I'll just send it back and see what Iriss can do to help.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your comments and for telling people how to add my button! I love your rug! :o)

C x

P.S. have a lovely birthday weekend! xx

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