Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Giveaway Bag From The Green Bag Lady

I totally forgot to blog about the fact that I won another Giveaway run by The Green Bag Lady. The Green Bag Lady is actually a lady called Teresa VanHatten-Granath who lives in the USA and she and her volunteers made cloth bags from recycled materials and give them away! The idea being to encourage people to use cloth bags rather than plastic ones.

She wanted a photo of me using the bag ...... and here I am! She posted the photo on her blog and I would encourage everyone to have a look round her site; she's doing tremendous things :)

The bag is very good as it fits inside my normal handbag without taking up too much space, so I've always got a bag should I need one. I might add, I don't need any encouragement NOT to use plastic bags ...... haven't used them for a long time now :)

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