Thursday, 15 December 2011

More Christmas Decorations

I've been steadily carrying on with making Christmas tree decorations for close family members.

With this one, the central ribbon band is using some lovely ribbon that was very reasonably priced in Lidl.

Along the top and bottom edge, I have sewn small golden beads. The curvy loops are chain stitch with small pearl beads sewn in each loop.
The back has the same type of greeting as with all the other ones I've made.

This one is destined to go to my brother and his wife. 

The one I have just completed today has been a bit of an experiment.
My sister-in-law and her husband are both keen fishermen (or should that be fisherpeople?) and I wanted to make an ornament shaped like a fish. I realise a fish is not the first thing you'd expect as a Christmas tree ornament, but they really do love fishing ..... and, anyhow, a fish is a Christian symbol so I think I can get away with it at Christmas!

So far, my work with felt makes me tend towards simple shapes that are easy to cut! So I searched round the Internet and eventually found a cartoon fish drawing that I based my design on.

OK .... no fish I know has lips like this! I have also used silver beads to outline a few scales and red beads to add detail on one of the fins. Still, I really rather like her ...... with those lips, it must be a 'her' don't you think!

Of course, there's the usual greeting on the back :)

I think she looks quite cute and I hope they like her :)


joy said...

They are beautiful, Elaine x x

Elaine said...

Thank you Joy :)

I'm just trying to work out how to do ones that look like our two cats :)

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