Friday, 2 December 2011

James' 21st Birthday

Wednesday 30th November was our son James' 21st Birthday. Here he is with John and I, his proud Mum and Dad :)

We gave him money to buy a new acoustic guitar, but in a previous post or two, I described how I was also embroidering a portrait of him ...... and he loves it :)

Now ..... what's this you might ask? Well, when James' Granny asked him several weeks ago what he wanted for his Birthday, his answer was 'a unicorn'!

And a unicorn was what he got! (Although the observant will also notice that said unicorn is 'guarding' a very generous cheque). James' Granny (my Mum) always manages to raise a smile with her presents :)

And no one is too old for a Birthday cake, complete with cake sparklers.

At this point, you have to imagine us (ie his Mum and Dad, his Granny and Liz, his girlfriend) singing 'Happy Birthday'.

The observant will notice we made short work of the cake, washed down with a cup of tea! But closely followed by a glass of Asti. The 21 key was also provided by his Granny :)

OK .... he may be 21 but the sense of humour isn't changing any time soon :)

Finally, we went out for a celebratory meal. Here he is with Liz, his girlfriend.

Happy Birthday James and lots of love and a long and happy life to you. Your Mum and Dad are very proud of you xxxxxx.


joy said...

He certainly looks as if he enjoyed his day, and you have every right to feel proud.
Joy xx

Elaine said...

Thank you Joy :)

The celebrations continue as last night, he and a group of his friends went clubbing. Probably won't see him until much later today :)

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