Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hang Dog Cat!!

As cats go, Flossie seems quite a cheerful kind of girl :)

Normally, she spends all her time rushing around looking for things to play with or 'talking' to anyone who will listen!

But this morning, her get-up-and-go had got-up-and-gone!!

It's OK .... she's not ill! Just in case you were wondering! I think she was just having a 'resting day'.

Shush! I think she needs her beauty sleep! Well .... all that playing takes it out of a girl :P


skaleczka said...

It must be a cat THING, my cats can play all days long but there is sometimes a day when you can't force them to do anything

Elaine said...

LOL Yes .... normally cats have sleeping down to a fine art!

Rarely happens with Flossie! Today was definately an exception for her :)

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