Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter

Just a quick post to send Happy Easter greetings to all :)

Here are two little crochet chicks to get in the Easter mood :)

They are a mix of two different patterns I found on the web. The body comes from a lovely website called Pepika who has got some lovely tutorials explaining the mysteries of the crochet magic circle with some fantastic photos to explain how to do things.

The feet, beak and the coxcomb on the left hand chick comes from Ami Amour. In actual fact, the first chicks I made came from Ami Amour. You can see them in the following photo ..... the two on the left. Sorry for the 'busy' photo. The tissue box in the background is my constant companion due to a horrific sinus infection that has gone on and on and on ....... and on! Currently on a course of penicillin and instructions to steam my face at regular intervals. Sigh! But I digress ........

For reasons that I'm not sure about, the wings came out bigger than the photos at Ami Amour suggested they aught to be! Also ...... looking at them again, I think I sewed the wings on slightly incorrectly! They look like big ears rather than wings :)

I think I will treat them a proto-types!!!

It was my Mum's suggestion to sew the coxcomb on the white chick at a different angle. She has a point ..... on a chicken they do go front to back rather than side to side. But then I thought ...... baby chicks don't really have coxcombs, do they? So the final one I made ..... the yellow one on the right, doesn't have one!

I think he's the one I like best :)

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