Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend

I hope everyone in the UK enjoyed last weekend's Jubilee Celebrations. I was glued to the TV, enjoying the Boat Pageant, the Concert and the St Paul's service and carriage parade and the flypast.

We didn't go to a street party or anything like that. However, on the Monday, we went to the Hertfordshire Heavy Horse Show at Capel Manor in Enfield. As a great horse lover, I'm sure the Queen would have approved and I think she would have enjoyed it more than a pop concert to be honest!!

Although it rained a little bit a couple of times, we had a great day. The horses were lovely! I think I'll just let the photos say it all!! :)

A Suffolk Punch called Thor

This was Thor's first show

Shire foal; one of two. One 3 weeks old, the other 5 weeks old. Gorgeous :)

Not a Heavy Horse clearly! A rescue Shetland that was a stable mate for a Heavy Horse

Such lovely horses and ..... even at 52 ..... I'd still love to have a horse of my own! :)

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