Saturday, 16 June 2012

This Rain Can't Last Forever, Can It?

.... or perhaps it can!

Yesterday morning, the skies were blue and I suggested that we go out for a walk. Especially since the BBC website said rain wasn't forecast until the early afternoon and I really felt the need to get out! My hip has been aching over the last week or so and this is a sure-fire indicator that I haven't been walking enough.

We set off at about 10.30am, although even in such a short time period, the blue skies had become grey and there was rain in the air! Still ..... we're British ..... we don't let rain put us off, do we!

It really does seem like a while since we last walked through the Lea Valley Park and everything has certainly grown! 'Lush' comes to mind! Must be all the rain, obviously! I guess it's thanks to the rain that Britain can claim to be a 'Green and pleasant land' rather than 'dry and arid' but we do seem to have had a bit too much of the wet stuff recently. Some sun would be nice, for a change.

However, 'sun' wasn't on the agenda! By 11.30, it really started to rain and, even with water-proofs, we got soaked. I know Mad Dogs and Englishmen Go Out In The Noon Day Sun ..... but they also go out in the rain as well. We took shelter under trees a couple of times when the downpour got a bit too heavy and eventually got home by about 12 noon having only walked about 4.5 miles ...... the last little bit of which was with sun and blue skies! Amazing! You really couldn't make it up but, without this weather, what would us Brits talk about :)

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joy said...

I complained to our estate agent that when we first looked at our new home last August it was warm and sunny, but since we've been living here its been nothing but cold and wet, she said it was our fault, as there had been drought conditions until we arrived in Warminster.
Oh well, at least the sun is shining right now, as well as a force 9 (well, feels like it) gale blowing outside.

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