Sunday, 3 October 2010

Have I Been Sewing Anything?

I realise I have been very quiet about my sewing :)

In fact, The Rug is going on a pace! However, I have diverged slightly over the past two weeks as ....... at long last I found I desperately craved COLOUR!!

About three months ago, courtesy of the Tesco Clubcard voucher scheme, I took up a subscription for the Cross Stitcher magazine. This in no way helps my desire to get more into free style embroidery but, in fact, it's quite a nice magazine. Not only does it have a 'freebie' with every edition but it has some interesting designs and some novel ideas for making up cross stitch designs into all sorts of things, so these ideas are relevant for all sorts of projects.

The latest edition is all about Christmas ideas and the freebie is a small kit to make up some Christmas cards. My idea was to only do it whenever I was in a situation that I couldn't easily do The Rug, but I have got so into it that The Rug has gone on the back burner.

The kit doesn't quite have enough aida material to complete all eight designs ...... although I am squashing them onto the material to make the best possible use of it. It also needs some iron-on interfacing to iron onto the back, but I am hoping to buy some when Mum and I go to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace .... Alley Palley to us North Londoners :) ... this coming Saturday. Their instructions also call for sticking sequins onto the design with glue ...... whereas I think I will sew them on using metallic thread and tiny beads that I already have. There are also some embellishments that you can see in the bottom right hand corner that are leaves and circles made from card that don't think I will use. I think I will replace them with the same shapes but from some felt I also have.

It's actually quite a nice little fun project. Hopefully, I will finish them pretty soon, at which point I'll post some photographs of the finished cards.


Rachael said...

That's an excellent way to spend your tesco vouchers...hmmm, good thought!

Colour, yes, I can see why you would be craving it. You rug is pale as I remember but I do want to see it finished so don't put it away for another few years.

Elaine said...

LOL .... no, I won't do that!

I do so admire people who have lots of projects on the go at the same time, however I usually try not to do this as then I make no real progress on anything!

However, the bright colours on this little freebie 'spoke' to me and I couldn't resist!

I really wish I had more 'blocks' of time to do creative things.... but never mind ... I do, however, really enjoy doing creative things when I can :)

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