Friday, 1 October 2010

You Walked Ware?

Yes ..... that's right we walked to Ware :)

OK ..... it's a poor play on the town's name but it's the best I can do :)

We started out last Saturday at 9.20am and in the photo above, we were about one hour out at Broxbourne Mill. This is in the process of being renovated and is a lovely peaceful little spot. In February 2009, during the beginning of the renovations, they had a bit of a shock when they found a human thigh bone in the debris in the workings of the mill. The police had to be called but they discovered that the bone was over 200 years old and had probably been washed downstream from an old graveyard somewhere or other. Still ...... must have been a shock for whoever found it!

As you can see here, the weather was lovely and sunny, although a slightly chilly wind ...... hence my lurid, bright green gloves :)
I felt a lot stronger than last week and only started to ache in the last mile we walked. Unfortunately, the blisters under my heels partly came back, although I can now see that it's caused by poorly fitting insoles.
We got to Ware by 12.35pm. A total distance of 10 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes. Also, didn't feel at all tired in the afternoon or evening so that was also good.
Onwards and upwards!!

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