Friday, 29 October 2010

The Tribulations of a Nineteen Year Old

What often brings a smile to my face are the little snippets of conversations I have with my son.

Take last night for instance .......

Son: 'Did you wonder why on earth I was in the bathroom so long after coming back from snooker?'

Me: 'Ummm ....... No' [Important Explanation here: I'd not long gone to bed and when I first go to sleep, I'm completely out for the count! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would have a tough time rousing me.]

Son: [Said with completely straight face] 'Well ...... having a Dad with a beard is a serious handicap. You get to teach yourself how to shave!'

LOL ..... by the way, you'll be pleased to know that he didn't cut his throat or do himself any other serious injury during this learning experience :)


Anonymous said...

Did I laugh at this...YES;-)
My son has been on at us to get him a razor because as he says 'he is in desperate need of a shave'
OK...maybe a little 'bum fluff' as my hubby calls it but it was truly worring this great big 6 foot 2 inch of a strapping lad.
Fine you say get him a shaver...which we did.
Good parents:-)
But can I now point out that this tall young man
is only 13!!!! LOL

Elaine said...

My turn to laugh at your comment :)

James has used an electric razor for ..... goodness knows how long, I can't remember when he started to shave! For some reason, he's obviously decided that the shave isn't close enough so he has decided to try a wet shave.

As he says .... his Dad is not a source of advice having had a beard since at least 1982.

BTW .... Your son is tall! Like me, you must be a 'little mum' .... a term of endearment that James uses for me but basically because that's what I say to my even smaller Mum :)

Anonymous said...

They grow up far to fast for my liking! My daughter and myself are now the 'small ones' of the family at 5 foot nine. The 'boys'...hubby and 2 sons tower above us:-)
Thanks for your lovely comment that you left on my blog:-)
Take care,

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