Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Meet The Tiger

Although I do have some catch up posts to do, I thought I'd introduce my current major project: a cross stitch picture of a tiger's head. Just as with the rug, this is a UFO that I'm not entirely sure when I started! I think it may have been around the time I finished my Open University degree in 2005? But as to when I bought it, that's anyone's guess!! Never mind!

After completely finishing the fringe on the rug (which in itself deserves a blog picture or two), this went with us to Norfolk when we were on holiday back at the beginning of July.

These pictures were taken on 3rd July, at the beginning of our holiday. You can see that I'd only got as far as the ears at whatever point I decided to stop, probably to do the rug! It is a mass of different shades of brown, cream and ginger so the daylight bulb is a must when working indoors. Also, starting it again definately required me to get my brain in gear to re-familiarise myself with the chart and all the different symbols.

How far have I got so far? I guess that will have to be my next post :)

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