Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Rug Really Is Finished!

In the last post I mentioned how I'd moved onto the Tiger cross stitch picture because The Rug was complete ..... and after a quick check, I realised I hadn't posted anything about completing the very final stage of The Rug, namely the knotted fringe. Well, here The Rug is in all its glory!

I wasn't entirely sure it needed the fringe but decided to do a little bit and see how it looked. I have to confess that it really finishes it off, so I set to and did the lot. It was surprisingly time consuming to do!

So now the finished Rug is on the floor in one of our bedrooms. This is the one where we listen to music, as John's extensive hi-fi equipment 'lives' in this room.

No one is allowed to walk on it wearing shoes by the way and the cats have been given very strict instructions to 'behave' if they come anywhere near it :P

Also, I must report that it is very soft under foot!


joy said...

its a beautiful rug, elaine, and the fringing certainly finishes it off nicely. well done xx

Elaine said...

Thank you Joy.

I'm really pleased with it. Several people have wondered how I can bear to put it on the floor but I did originally buy the kit as something practical, so on the floor it stays!

Mind you, the room it's in doesn't get heavy traffic, so hopefully it will stay looking good for quite a while.

Rachael said...

Well worth all your effort. It looks beautiful.The fringe is super and finishes it off perfectly.

Elaine said...

Thank you Rachael.

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