Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Spine Tingling Coincidence

No photo, unless I can find a suitable one later, but a moment occurred yesterday that just shows how strange life can be at times.

Back in July, on Tuesday 19th in actual fact, I was told in the afternoon that Dad wasn't going to pull through from pneumonia. What may have slipped through the net in my blogging was that in the morning of the same day, both John and I were made redundant! Truly this could have been described as a Black Tuesday! Being made redundant wasn't unexpected but, with everything that happened with Dad, it rather slipped into non-importance, if that makes any sense.

Our last day was due to be Friday 28th October. What will we be doing? Well .... I have seen a very part-time job that I would have been daft not to apply for (not heard anything yet!) but, basically, we're going to take some time out. With the redundancy pay-out (generous in John's case as he's been there 26 years!) and our savings, we are hoping to see how things go and spend some time doing the things that we like. You see, having seen my Dad fade away with Alzheimer's over the last few years and we had the same with John's Dad, who passed away in 2001 ....... let's just say it has changed our view on what is important.

Yesterday, we were then told unexpectedly, that we can leave tomorrow!! And then, I went to my PC and read this totally inspiring post from Flossie TeaCakes and thought ...... wow! It so strikes a chord and has several parallels to what has happened to us! We have been becoming increasingly daunted in the last couple of weeks about whether things will work out but reading that really made me think we need to go with our hearts!

John has talked before about starting a candle making business, a hobby he really loves, and I've tentatively said to him that candle making starter kits might be an avenue worth investigating. I love tinkering with website design, although whether I'm good enough to pursue this, I'm not sure!

Still, I'm beginning to think that a leap of faith might just be what is required :)

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joy said...

go for it, elaine. things have a very surprising way of turning out for the best.
joy x x x

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