Thursday, 10 February 2011

Magical Walk In Ashridge Estate, Aldbury

As I said in my last post, on Saturday 5th February, we met up with some friends for a walk. Because they live in Bicester, Oxfordshire, we decided to meet up at a place halfway between us .... and the Ashridge Estate in Albury near Tring seemed the ideal place.

Both of these photos were taken from the ridge above the village .... a bit of a steep climb which my strained leg from the day before could have done without!!

However, what really made the walk magical was that at three different points, we got a very good view of the herd of fallow deer that are on this estate. When we got back home, their website said 'You may be lucky to see our elusive herd of fallow deer', so seeing them three times was amazing! Each time, they could only be glimpsed through the trees and I couldn't get a photo as we weren't close enough and it was too dark under the trees. However, seeing them was pure magic!

In the estate can be found the Bridgewater monument built in honour of Francis the third Duke of Bridgewater "Father of Inland Navigation". It seems appropriate to have visited here given how many times we've been walking along canals in our training walks.

Our walk today was really a gentle stroll by our standards :) ..... a distance of 4.5 miles. I took it reasonably gently as I didn't want to do any more damage to my right leg and, although it ached a little, I coped OK. After our walk, we had lunch in a pub in Aldbury called 'The Valiant Trooper' .... again the name seemed very appropriate, although the 'Trooper' they were referring to was a soldier type!! However, it is a lovely pub in a very picturesque village.

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