Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Frustrating Beginnings For A Campaign?

Is it a campaign? Hard to tell!

The day after the meeting on 13th January 2011 when we were told that they are consulting on services for Alzheimer's ..... but by the way, basically they want to close down four different units currently being run ..... I sent a long list of questions to the NHS Commissioning Manager that had run the meeting.

Basically, my line of reasoning is if we can prove that their rationale in coming to this decision is faulty, we might be able to do something to stop it happening. I have chased up this email several times now and on the 26th January I actually sent a few more questions.

I was promised by this chap's PA that I would receive answers by last Friday 28th January. Did I? What a surprise! No, I haven't!

Several other relatives have also been writing letters to the local Council as the local Council have just been consulting on a Dementia strategy for 2011 to 2016. Some of these relatives actually attended a meeting last week being run by the local Age Concern branch where this strategy was discussed. In the strategy, two of these units are detailed as though they are a fundamental part of their propsed strategy ..... but the officials present from the Council had no idea they were threatened with closure!

And today I read in The Times about the deplorable way in which mental health is managed in the UK.......

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Rachael said...

Yep, sounds typical.

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