Sunday, 27 February 2011

We Didn't Order The Rain!

Although all week the forecast was bad for Saturday, by Friday the BBC forecast suggested otherwise.

However, it was definitely raining on Saturday morning! Mind you ..... it is February so it could have been worse! However, we didn't feel we could miss another weekend's walk as we really need to keep up the miles, so a little bit of rain wasn't going to put us off. In actual fact, the rain was very light and on and off, more like the kind of rain you get in April. It was also surprisingly mild, so not as bad a day for walking as it might sound!

One thing for sure, Spring is definitely on the way. Lots of beautiful yellow forsythia was everywhere and lots of blackbirds were gathering nest material.

I was still a little worried that I might have problems with my strained right thigh. So before we went out, I smothered my leg with Deep Heat! It certainly made my leg feel better although Deep Heat has a very pungent smell so I may have created a certain 'aura' around me :)

Our total distance was 19.7 miles. Total time out was 6hrs and 30mins. Total time moving was 6hrs and 8mins. Average moving speed was 3.2mph.

I ached big time by the time I got home, probably just because of missing last Saturday and not being all that well the week before that. We probably need to add in extra short walks during the week ...... but finding the time is the issue!!


Laurie said...

Hi Elaine, here in Michigan USA, we've had up to our ears in snow! However right now it's raining. I long for spring, warmth, and a dry yard!

Elaine said...

Hi Laurie,
Thank you for stopping by :)

I do hope it didn't sound too much like I was complaining about Saturday's weather, although for us Brits, complaining about the weather is almost a national sport :)

I know from several USA blogs I've looked at just recently that lots of you have been having heavy snow, so we really have nothing to complain about over here.

I do hope Spring comes your way soon.

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