Thursday, 10 February 2011

More Rug Progress

I've decided that, in trying to record progress on The Rug, I need to just take photos using flash with The Rug in situ on the sewing frame. So, here's The Rug at the start of a small sewing session on 1st February. In my house, wherever I am, the cats are never far away ...... so here's Minstrel as well, doing an alien impersonation!

Here it is at the end of the session on the 1st February. This was only for about 3/4 hour and, the observant will see I've done a bit below the middle peachy flower. Like I said ...... the cats have to keep me company, so here's Flossie this time! A half alien :)

Then, on Thursday 3rd February, here is a closeup of the right hand side of The Rug. On Thursdays, our friend Don always comes round and we sit and listen to music and I sew! However, because of the size of the frame, Thursday's sewing always involves me sewing only on the right hand side of The Rug. Otherwise, there would be no room on our settee for John and Don as the frame would get in the way!! As it is, I do get the odd comment about taking up a lot of room :)

Here's the progress after about 3/4 hour. You know, I've never really bothered to note how long I spend stitching and roughly what area I cover. It has now occurred to me (real Rocket Science this one!!) that I could probably work out how much sewing time I need to finish this beastie ...... but I don't think I will! It will put me off :)

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