Monday, 31 January 2011

Progress on The Rug

I haven't posted a photo of this for quite a while, mainly because the light conditions indoors haven't been very good and also it's a bit of a pain getting the rug off the frame and then back on again! It was whilst rolling the rug up in the frame to stitch a new section that I realised that the end is getting in sight and I thought I aught to try and get a photo! This is the best I can do, taken without any flash.

The last time I took a progress photo, it looked like this .......

This was taken back in July. I have been steadily making progress, although I did allow myself to get distracted by quite a few projects for Christmas. In some ways, I'm amazed with the progress I've made! Mind you, in another way, it has been taking a long time! I do so admire the many other people in blog-land who seem to get through masses of projects! I guess, in a normal week, I have been managing about 3-4 hours on The Rug ........ although not so much during October, November and December last year when I was concentrating on things for Christmas.

Still, it's nice to think I'm on the home straight with it now :)

1 comment:

Rachael said...

It's coming on really well. I appreciate that to YOU it seems slow.

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