Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another Very Cold Walk!

Here's a beautiful swan, one of many water fowl we saw yesterday, that seem to be completely oblivious to the cold! It has always amazed me how their feet don't get over cold!

Still, we started at 8.15am on the same sort of route we've done before round the Lea Valley Park. To extend it a little, we did branch northwards up to Broxbourne, our aim being to get a good number of miles covered! However, despite going over the same ground, it is not at all boring. Far from it! Quite early on our walk we got very close to a superb grey heron ..... although not close enough for a photo unfortunately. We had swans flying over us on a couple of occasions. As they fly past, it's the sound their wings make that first alerts you to their passage. They are quite magnificent to watch fly overhead.

We later watched a fox on the other side of the canal. Then on one of our stops to have a drink and a cereal bar, a little robin started to get quite close to see if we had anything. He (or she!) couldn't make up its mind whether we were safe enough ...... but we left the robin a few crumbs :)

Yesterday was a very cold day! When I used my car later, its thermometer was telling me it was only 1 deg C and we could well believe it! Add in a cold northerly wind and I'm sure the temperature was less. Still, we got back home at 1.15pm, having covered 15.7 miles in 5 hours at an average moving speed of 3.3 mph. This is the longest walk we've done so far and, what is even better, we both felt we could have probably gone further.

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