Tuesday, 18 January 2011

If You Know What's Good For You .... DON'T Get Alzheimer's Disease

So far in my blog 'journey' I have kept things quite 'light' and positive. I might even say, I have aimed for humour. However, I feel far from humorous since last Thursday.

I have not mentioned my Dad's Alzheimer's apart from an almost throw-away comment as the last line of my profile:

'Trying to cope with a Dad who has Alzheimer's'

Only those of you out there who have watched a loved one battle with this disease will even begin to comprehend all the misery that is in this line.

However, last Thursday afternoon, there was a meeting held at the Continuing Care Ward where Dad is cared for. Although it was initially described as a 'consultation' meeting to see how relatives want to see Dementia services develop in the Borough where this facility is situated, after some questioning it became obvious that the PCT (Primary Care Trust) want to close it down, along with another three Continuing Care Wards that they currently commission through the NHS Mental Health Trust in this area. To say this is devastating news is an understatement.

Almost all the guidelines for how to care for people with Alzheimer's will emphasis that you should keep change to a minimum. That you should keep things in a routine to help appease the agitation. I now fear for the well being of all the people they are threatening to move. For many of these people, a move will be an early death sentence. Yes, this could be described as emotive language, but that's how I feel at the moment.

What makes it all the more sickening is that it is not a private company, only interested in profit making, that has come to this decision. It is part of the NHS, the universal service in the UK that is supposed to provide care for anyone if they need it.

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