Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 1 & 2 of 21 Day Getting Organised Challenge

OK ..... I'm starting this challenge a little late and I also haven't really signed up on the Bowl Full of Lemons site. Why's that? Ummm ..... not totally sure I can sustain this for 21 days as work and getting all the things I normally do in the evenings actually done as well could be difficult. However, in principal it is a Good Thing, so I'll try!
So .... thought I'd start yesterday with what was really Day 1 and try to sort out a drawer in the unit in our living room.

For good measure, I also thought I'd try and sort out the cupboard section under the drawer. Both are definitely messy!

So ..... two hours later and with two TV programmes under my belt (is this cheating?) ..... I had thrown away several things, discovered a few things I'd forgotten I had(!), reorganised a folder of greetings cards and wrapping paper, thrown away lots of old make-up and nail varnishes and moved a few things elsewhere. As an aside, my John always says that when I do have these mad sorting out moments, it usually involves just moving things to other places, but I did my best to limit this!!

Ummm ...... doesn't look all that much different?

Slightly better? Not sure!

For today, I thought I'd carry on with the next two drawers in the unit.

Yes ..... definitely messy!!

Got both drawers out and took everything out and spread contents round the floor. However ....

Well, I guess they were only trying to help :)

Perhaps I'm not treating this seriously enough :)


joy said...

I wonder what it is the cats are trying to tell you?
mine likes to chew away at paper and card, so I wouldn't be able to do a job like this with her around.
good luck with the 21 day challenge, think how organised you will be if you keep it up.
joy xx

Elaine said...

I think they both thought I'd created new play areas for them :)

Keep this up for 21 days? This is SO not likely!

I haven't looked at what is suggested for today (or the days I have missed) but as today is 12th night, putting away all the Christmas decorations will be tonight's task.

However, it is still a Good Thing (sigh) but I need more than one day to do each day's cleanup task (even bigger sigh!).

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